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Last Week of School Schedule

Close 2 hours early - Thursday, June 18th

Close 3 hours early - Friday, June 19th

Last day of school - Friday, June 19th

8th Grade Closing Ceremony

The 8th grade closing ceremony will be held June 17th, at 5 PM, at Howard High School.

Reporting Student Absences

To report student absences, call 410-313-5043 (voicemail is available 24/) or fill out the following online form: http://elmss

Immunization Requirements

Effective the first day of school, 2015-2016, 1 does of Tdap vaccine and 1 dose of Meningococcal vaccine will be required by the state of Maryland for all students entering grade 7.  If we do not r

To Request Make-Up Work

Teachers understand your concerns about student absences due to illness.  While absent, your child’s first priority should be to get healthy!  Once your child is feeling better, please encourage h

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